Hey there folks!
My name is Julia, I am 18 years old and from germany. My english is a little bit shitty, sorry for that.
I'm obsessed with Sherlock, Doctor Who, Tumblr, Sherlock, music, cinema, Sherlock, Tom Hiddleston and Sherlock.
Talk to me guise! I'd love to read a message from you!
That's all... Okay then.. Have a nice day and...Bye!



when people casually mention something you’re completely obsessed with and it takes every fuckin ounce of your self control not to propel yourself into the stars and scream for the rest of eternity about how much you love the thing

week 1 of friendship: this is a cool person

week 30 of friendship: this is a gay egg

week 50 of friendship: our skin cells merge until we are naught but pulsating meat pulled togehter





Koalas having an argument.

if you have never heard a koala noise before, here is yr chance

they sound like fuzzy bike horns

The Hansens.


Benedict Cumberbatch helps Madame Tussauds artists out with the early sculpting for his new wax figure[HQ]